Justina Samaiye is a blessed, young, beautiful inspiring hairstylist. She is taking charge day by day and excelling in the hair industry. Justina’s uprising all started back in 2004. She began building clientele and experience,  by working at Unisex Hair Salon in Bladensburg MD. Justina worked at that salon for about 4 years strong. While working in Bladensburg at unisex hair salon, she mastered her hair braiding skills. Afterwards, she diverted over to styling at a new salon in Takoma Park, MD. Justina worked there for a year and enhanced her skills in weaving. By this time Justina was ready to freelance and build her own clientele base. A few years later, Justina discovered her Jsamaiye brand, which now is her own hair business.
JSamaiye is taking charge in hair care with new and healthy hair each and everyday.
Join in and discover a wonderful hair journey!